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Thursday, March 07, 2013

It's Almost Fishing Season-

and it looks like I'm about to get a job. Which means I won't have unlimited fishing time... Hooverdam!

But with the sequestration in effect, I'm pretty certain that my unemployment won't be extended and my first 22 weeks of money runs out next week.

Details about the job when it's finalized.

Monday, February 25, 2013

More gun manufacturers get on the boycott boat-

Good! When last I mentioned this, the list of companies that taken a public stand to say they would not sell firearms to state agencies where citizens couldn't own the same gun was a short list- just 6 companies. But the momentum is gaining and now even a major provider of guns to law enforcement all over the country- Beretta has taken a stand and said they could move their manufacturing out of Maryland if citizens in that state can't buy and own their product. Good for them!

Additionally, the number of manufacturers that won't make a distinction between law enforcement and civilian ownership has risen to 70 companies! Some of the big sellers- Glock & SIG & Smith & Wesson are still hoping this restriction of rights to civilians will blow over and are still intending to sell to state agencies. There are links, phone numbers and addresses where you can contact them to provide your opinion if you do it politely at the link.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Liberal Democrat doesn't understand our Constitution

I'm constantly being told by several liberal Democrats, one of which lives under the same roof with me and others related to me, that my 2nd Amendment rights are not going to be violated by government actions. To all of those people, I must insist that they read this article- Warrantless searches called for by liberal Democrat. Read the entire article and follow the links for the supporting documents.

Note in the article that this liberal has tried to implement these warrantless "inspections" of firearms owners homes 3 times, in 2005, 2009 and 2013. But then he claims that the wording of the bill was a mistake and should have been removed earlier yet even though it is his bill, the wording has remained for 3 attempts into law in Washington.

Now when I was in the military there was a well know maxim- "Once is an error, twice is coincidence and the third time it's enemy action." I think it is only right to declare that Senator Kline of Washington is the enemy and his actions and intentions prove it.

Now is it a stretch to believe that if this liberal Democrat has so little regard for our Constitution and will actively move to circumvent the 4th Amendment that the same level of action can't or won't be taken against the 2nd Amendment? It's obvious to me that our 2nd Amendment is under greater attack by elected officials in numerous states and at the federal level.

So I don't believe you!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good for them!

Good action taken by LaRue Tactical Firearms. They have announce that their company, to avoid any confusion, will not sell firearms to law enforcement that aren't legal for civilian sale in each state. So if , like in New York, civilians can't buy AR15 rifles with pistol grips or 30 round magazines, neither can any law enforcement agancy buy those items from LaRue.

This is how it should be everywhere and with every gun manufacturer selling to police departments. Just say no! Barrett did this to California years ago, now LaRue has stepped up, next it needs to be emulated by Smith & Wesson, Glock, Beretta and all the others.

LaRue, as my AR build comes along, I'll be looking at you to buy some parts. Thanks for standing up for what is right!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

It's The Onion so you know it's supposed to be funny

One of my friends linked on Facebook to this story about a sad AR15 that sits on a gun dealer's shelf waiting to be sold so it can go out and start killing people. In the first place, there's no AR15s sitting on any shelf anywhere because every one of them has been sold since December.

But I left her a comment:
So many already sold, so many never killed anyone. But so many standing ready and prepared to defend the lives of their owners.
Two of her friends already liked my comment. It might be the best thing I ever wrote.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

What I'm reading-

Right now it is The Liberal Mind, The Psychological Causes of Political Madness and what an interesting book it is. I'm just 5 chapters in but already my head is swimming with concepts to ponder and ideas that make me nod my head in agreement. Lyle Rossiter Jr, M.D. has really put some thought and insight into this book and it explains so much about what is wrong with our society and government.
One quote from Chapter 4:
The adult citizen's dependent attachment to government comes at an enormous price: the constant growth of the politician's power to gratisfy his constituents is paralled by a constant growth in his power to dominate them.

So this book is pretty thought provoking. It's not an easy read because it takes time (for me) to grasp everything the good doctor is trying to impart.
Highly recommended by me.

Two more-

Angry, hostile and scary 20 round magazines for my SKS, purchased today from one of those evil gun shows by a buddy, for me because I couldn't attend. Excellent!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Adam Carolla says what I have been saying all along-

Adam says on his podcast the same thing I've been saying for weeks- that liberals don't really care about dead children- if they happen to be black and live in the inner city someplace.
You know, this whole Sandy Hook thing — in Chicago they basically have two Sandy Hooks a month worth of dead kids that we don’t really give a shit about because it’s inner-city kids and we don’t count them. It happens — when it happens to the white kids or it happens in the theater, then it’s a big deal. But it goes on every day in the inner city, and no one seems to care about it....
There’s a racial component to it. We’re all chicken-shit hypocrites, so no one wants to talk about that. But what’s more racist — hey when the white kids are dead, we’re all going to make a big fucking flap about guns? But when all the blacks and Mexicans are dead, ‘Shh, don’t say anything. We don’t want to upset them.’ Don’t want to upset who, the dead people?”
It's just the 1st of February and how many people are killed by violence in Chicago this year? Over 40 and many of them are young people or children. Yet Dianne Feinstein and her gun-banning ilk haven't given those 40 individuals a moments thought. I would venture to bet, though I haven't seen any figures to support this- that none of those 40 dead Chicago residents were killed by the scary rifles that they are trying so hard to ban. So what's up with that liberals?